Rachel Norman is a professionally trained modern dancer, choreographer, fitness instructor and certified kickboxing teacher with over 15 years of experience in personal and group training.

Rachel Norman, Try Hard Fitness Owner


Rachel’s passion for fitness stems all the way back to her parents. She grew up raised by a strong Christian mother who placed her in dance at a young age, along with a father who was a tough, respected, and humble Vietnam veteran of two combat tours, football player and NYC Corrections officer. Their support and guidance enabled her to become the fierce and tenacious professional she is today. Rachel’s mission is to be unlike any other instructor, where her discipline and uniqueness shine through her teachings.

Rachel Norman's parents


Rachel was professionally trained by her mentor, Mary Anthony of The Mary Anthony Dance Theatre in New York, NY. Mary Anthony was a renowned American choreographer, modern dancer, and dance teacher. She studied dance with Martha Graham, who revolutionized the world of dance with her Graham technique. Mary Anthony began her career with a scholarship in dance with Hanya Holm. She became an assistant for the Holm Company. Hanya Holm is known as one of the "Big Four" founders of American modern dance. Holm, Martha Graham, Charles Weidman, and Doris Humphrey, became some of the most influential dancers of their time. To read more about Hanya Holm, click here. Mary Anthony has won many awards, and was entered into the Dance Hall of Fame in 2004. She founded the Mary Anthony Dancer Theatre in 1956 and performed throughout the country for over 40 years. Mary Anthony was a highly nurturing mentor who believed in her students to “find their physical, spiritual, and emotional center”. She was an amazing teacher with an incredible sense of modern dancing. She reserved compliments to only the best and her honesty was relentless.


World renowned modern dancer, choreographer, and teacher Mary Anthony

Rachel received a full dance scholarship to the Mary Anthony Dance Theatre at the age of 17, eventually, having the honor of being a fundamentals modern ballet instructor using only Mary Anthony’s techniques. Rachel has stated many times that without Mary Anthony’s teachings, she would not have become the hardworking trainer she is today. To read more on Mary Anthony, you can click here.

Rachel Norman dancing to Seven Nation Army


Rachel Norman and the Legendary Mary Anthony

Rachel would go on to choreograph several off-Broadway productions, eventually being featured on the New York 1 News as an instructor and choreographer. She also premiered in one of the reality documentaries for NYU Film Festival’s Native New Yorkers as a Native American professional choreographer. Rachel was also a fitness specialist for adolescents in the Police Athletic League Program, as well as a choreographer for celebrities such as Angela and Vanessa Simmons who cofounded Pastry Sneaker Line, and a personal fitness trainer for celebrity pop singer Bebe Rexha.

Rachel Norman features in a comedic skit with Angela and Vanessa Simmons, along with teaching the choreography to the dancers in less than half an hour


Pop Singer Bebe Rexha

Rachel has also developed a fitness program for youth, elders, and disabled, which she conducted prior to the pandemic in nursing facilities and neurological in-patient rehabs in New York City for over 8 years.


She constantly seeks to expand her horizons and knowledge by continuing her professional education in kickboxing, nutrition, sports medicine, boot camp, spin, dance, aerobics, and total body transformation for personal training and group fitness exercises.

Rachel Norman welcomes all walks of life

Rachel is certified to train and teach classes for all ages and levels and instructs cardio kickboxing and fitness 6 days per week in her fitness center. She strives to make her classes fun, safe, and challenging, leaving her clients dripping with sweat. During class, you will experience key focal points for proper body alignment, instruction on what muscles power what punch or kick and how to properly and efficiently execute technique throughout. You will learn proper cues and focal points to go with speed and rhythm while emphasizing on one’s body’s form.


Rachel says, “Comparing a dancer to a kickboxer is easy... As a kickboxer, if your body is not properly aligned, you can’t produce power in a punch nor a kick. You are also more prone to injury. As a dancer, if your body is not properly aligned, you cannot produce power in any movement of your body which also makes you prone to injury. It’s all about biomechanics.”


“My passions are fitness and success. I don’t care if you are 300 pounds or 120 pounds, you are the same person with a different goal. I do not and will not judge. I will push you only to your mental and physical ability. My classes are filled with fun cardio, kickboxing combinations and boot camp routines that can be modified to offer the same advantage of the initial version presented.


Come hydrated, and have a well balanced meal two hours prior to class. The way you dress is the way you are going to perform, so come in real gym attire (Women: sports bra under shirt, spandex or form fitting gym tights, comfortable shirt, supported sneakers... Men: regular gym attire w/ fitted sneakers)... Know the basics: jab, cross, hook, uppercut, front kick (stomp kick), side kick, roundhouse kick. Come ten minutes early to introduce yourself and ask questions, and be positive. I’m as real as one can get and am non-intimidating with knowledge and respect. My goal is to help you if you are ready and willing to help yourself.”

Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man talks about Rachel Norman and Try Hard Fitness


With the restrictions from our current pandemic, Try Hard Fitness finally reopened its doors for the first time since March 2020.

Its Grand Re-Opening was on September 12, 2020, which was also the 5 year anniversary of Founder Rachel Norman being her own one woman business show.

As Try Hard Fitness readjusted to the new rules by law, it was Rachel Norman's mission for each and every client to come on site feeling safe and comfortable during each session. When classes were not allowed indoors, Try Hard Fitness offered customized group sessions at the rate of a class membership. Rachel made sure to give her clients what they wanted while abiding to the restrictions at the time.

As we slowly return to normalcy, Try Hard Fitness now allows in-person classes that fits any person’s needs. Inquire today today for top of the line training, get into the best shape of your life and be mistaken as a trainer as Try Hard Fitness is all about form and proper execution going at one's own pace for every exercise.


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