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Try Hard Fitness is a place for all walks of life. From a novice to a guru, from an athlete to a special need, from youth, adult to elderly. THF is guaranteed to have a professional program/customized session for you. 


Open 6 days a week, THF offers customized personal training and affordable daily classes both mornings and evenings. In addition, Try Hard Fitness offers fairly priced Spa Services in Cryo Fat Freezing, Cryo Skin Tightening, Cryo Facials, and sessions enjoying their Medical Grade Infrared Saunas.  

It's All About Your Body Goals at Try Hard Fitness

THF is currently offering classes in cardio kickboxing, body sculpting, strength & conditioning and flexibility training combined all in one class. Each class is unique and effective. The 5am SweatClub is a one of a kind class that focuses on working every muscle group in 45 minutes. You're in and you're out to start your day.


The environment of entering Try Hard Fitness is welcoming, professional, and non intimidating. Even the members are welcoming to newbies. You simply have to experience it for yourself.


As Try Hard Fitness gradually progresses back to normalcy from the pandemic, more classes will be added in the very near future: Spin, Yoga, Pilates, BollyX, Zumba and more.


A Place To Be "You" With No Filters.



Come hydrated and have a well-balanced meal two hours prior to class. The way you dress is the way you are going to perform, so come in real gym attire (Women: sports bra under shirt, spandex or form fitting gym tights, comfortable shirt, supported sneakers... Men: regular gym attire w/ fitted sneakers) ... Know the basics: jab, cross, hook, uppercut, front kick (stomp kick), side kick, roundhouse kick. Come ten minutes early to introduce yourself and ask questions and be positive. I’m as real as one can get and am non-intimidating with knowledge and respect. My goal is to help you if you are ready and willing to help yourself.”

Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man talks about Rachel Norman and Try Hard Fitness


I honestly believe Rachel is an amazing person. She honestly, truly does care. I’ve been going to her for around 3 years, and never has she once made me feel bad about myself. She is a truly amazing trainer, as well as a truly amazing person. Her positivity and energy just lights up mine and others' moods. She is also very caring and patient with newcomers. If you are a starter, she is the one to go to.

Nicolette Galperin