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Coach Rachel Norman established Try Hard Fitness in loving memory of her father, Richard D. Norman. He was a hero to all who knew him, especially to Rachel. Rachel carries on the torch of respect, perseverance, and love that her father passed on to her through her work at Try Hard Fitness Cardiokicking Center.


Rachel is certified to train and teach classes for all ages and levels and instructs cardio kickboxing and fitness 6 days per week in her fitness center. She strives to make her classes fun, safe, and challenging, leaving her clients dripping with sweat. During class, you will experience key focal points for proper body alignment, instruction on what muscles power what punch or kick and how to properly and efficiently execute technique throughout. You will learn proper cues and focal points to go with speed and rhythm while emphasizing on one’s body’s form. Rachel constantly seeks to expand her horizons and knowledge by continuing her professional education in kickboxing, nutrition, sports medicine, boot camp, spin, dance, aerobics, and total body transformation for personal training and group fitness exercises.

Rachel was professionally trained by her mentor, Mary Anthony of The Mary Anthony Dance Theatre in New York, NY. Mary Anthony was a renowned American choreographer, modern dancer, and dance teacher. Rachel received a full dance scholarship to the Mary Anthony Dance Theatre at the age of 17, eventually, having the honor of being a fundamentals modern ballet instructor using only Mary Anthony’s techniques. Rachel has stated many times that without Mary Anthony’s teachings, she would not have become the hardworking trainer she is today.


Rachel would go on to choreograph several off-Broadway productions, eventually being featured on the New York 1 News as an instructor and choreographer. She also premiered in one of the reality documentaries for NYU Film Festival’s Native New Yorkers as a Native American professional choreographer. Rachel was also a fitness specialist for adolescents in the Police Athletic League Program, as well as a choreographer for celebrities such as Angela and Vanessa Simmons who cofounded Pastry Sneaker Line, and a personal fitness trainer for celebrity pop singer Bebe Rexha.





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