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Kids Fitness is here at Try Hard Fitness! 

Join us at Try Hard Fitness to learn how to safely cardio kickbox, practice agility drills, play fun exercise games, learn yoga, and more. While learning new and useful skills, the kids are able to socialize, meet new people and make friends. After stepping foot in the facility everyone is welcomed into the bully-free and motivating zone. Come join the Try Hard Fitness family.

The Kids Program is a safe space for children to form connections, build confidence, and improve their mental health, all while becoming fit. It is effective at combating loneliness, anxiety, depression, and so much more.​


Age: 6-14

Time: Every Mon, Wed, & Fri at 4 pm


50% off the original price!

Only $99/month. Register your child today, and refer a friend to get a $25 award for one month (terms and conditions apply). Prices are final! Any discounts initially offered are all that will be given. Share and spread the word!




This is a no-street shoe facility. Please bring an extra pair of shoes to wear inside!


Please come no earlier than 10 minutes to the class!


Bring a bottle of water!


No cell phone use within the facility. Please take calls outside!


No food inside the facility.


Respect yourself and everyone else around you! No insults, even as jokes.


If your child is sick, DO NOT BRING THEM TO CLASS.


Respect your fellow parents & children, and don’t photograph or record the class without the permission of Try Hard Fitness


Children must come in fitness-ready attire.

Girls: A t-shirt with shorts, sweatpants, or leggings.

Boys: A t-shirt with shorts or sweatpants.

Bring an extra pair of clean sneakers to wear in our facility. 

We will be doing cardio kickboxing. Professional boxing gloves can be bought from our gym.

Level Up Ceremony

Try Hard Fitness has award ceremonies quarterly where children advance and receive their level up trophy for their techniques, positive attitudes, and overall excellence. 

Aim for a Trophy!

Award Winner
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Leadership Award

This award goes to youth who have displayed qualities of exceptional leadership. Not only are they a great role model for their peers, but they show positivity and inspiration in every class. Try Hard Fitness hopes to see you continue being an inspiration for others as you grow. 

Collection of Trophies
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Richard D. Norman Award

This award goes to youth who embody Rachel’s father, Richard D. Norman’s core principles of TENACITY, HUMILITY, and FEARLESSNESS. They never give up, don’t act like they’re better than everyone, and aren’t afraid to try new things. Try Hard Fitness hopes to see you continue to try hard and succeed as you grow.

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Respectful For All Award

This award goes to youth who have consistently demonstrated respect, positivity, and kindness to both others and themselves. They go above and beyond to treat everyone like an equal, with compassion and empathy. Try Hard Fitness hopes to see you continue to create positive and respectful environments wherever you go as you grow.

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Attendance Ace

This award goes to youth who have never missed a single day of class since they started. They have displayed great dedication and commitment at Try Hard Fitness by always arriving on time for class. We hope to see you continue committing to your responsibilities as you grow.

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Roundhouse Rockstar Award

This award goes to youth who can perform the roundhouse kick perfectly, in addition to great form in all the other punches and kicks that are taught during class. Try Hard Fitness hopes to see you continue to excel and utilize what you have perfected in class throughout your life as you grow.

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Zero to Hero Award

This award goes to youth who have made leaps and bounds in improvement of their techniques, attitudes, fitnesses, and mental health throughout their times in class. They have dedication to bettering themselves and it shows through how much they’ve changed since they started classes. Try Hard Fitness hopes to see you continue to change for the better as you grow.

Summer Youth Fitness Registration Form


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 $99 a month- Come Up to 3x per week for 1 month + $20 Registration Fee

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